Special Membership: CHAOS Report 2016

The Standish Group special membership is featuring CHAOS Report 2016: The Winning Hand.  This special membership is a convenient and economical way to get access to the latest Standish research reports. Unless you are a current member, this special membership is the only method to gain access to the CHAOS Report 2016: The Winning Hand.  In this report we have 33 charts and tables. A main feature of this report is presenting the winning hand and the losing hand. The charts include traditional success & failed resolution, modern success and failed resolution, size by resolution, the resolution by size, industry, type, method, world’s area, complexity, strategic alignment, and capability.   Please click here for a more detailed outline.

In addition, to the CHAOS Report 2016: The Winning Hand you will have access to other current, past and future research reports.  Current and past reports include the CHAOS Manifesto, executive sponsor research report, emotional maturity research report and many other important research studies.  New skills reports will marry the skills and appraisals together.  You will also have access to the CHAOS Knowledge Center.

Note:  This membership is for single user only, starts upon payment, and expires on December 31, 2016. Custom memberships are available on request.  Please e-mail Jennifer Lynch: jennifer@standishgroup.com

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