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We focus on failure to help you succeed. The Standish Group is based in Boston, Massachusetts and is the Information Technology leader in project and value performance. We are a group of highly dedicated professionals with years of practical experience in assessing risk, cost, return and value for Information Technology (IT) Investments.

The Standish Group was formed in 1985, with a vision. It was to collect case information on real-life IT failures and environments. Why? We do this in order to profile your projects and environments against those cases and deliver advice based on collective wisdom.

The Standish Group's mission is to make you more successful and help to show ways to improve your success rates and increase the value of your IT investments. We build and provide solutions that can reduce your risk and improve as well as accelerate the value of your Information Technology. The Standish Group provides IT investment planning research and services, such as, project assessments, requirements optimization, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Return on Investment (ROI), Risk, and Value Analysis based on years of high quality, independent primary research.

The Standish Group's customers embrace and focus on our solutions to help them have a better understanding of the risk and value of their technology investments. These clients encompass a range from the very largest organizations to new start-ups and are comprised of the largest banks, security firms, telecommunication companies, manufacturers, government agencies, and technology providers.

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