OptiMix is a collaboration tool to help executives and non-executives choose the best projects, features and functions to provide the maximum value at the least possible risk. OptiMix helps the organization pick activities that advance the corporate or business unit goals. OptiMix is designed to be used in a conference or retrospective setting to promote meaningful discussion and decision- making. The Standish OptiMix is a secure, 100% web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application available for deployment on- demand at a carrier-grade hosting facility. The OptiMix product has been designed to greatly simplify the ROI and Risk assessment for optimization purposes. ROI uses a five-option select box process for very high value to very low value. Risk also uses a five- option select box for very complex to very easy items. This method is designed for you to set simple values making it very easy and effective. More importantly unlike other applications people are more likely to utilize OptiMix because entering the information is simple and takes so little time and is straightforward. OptiMix optimizes on four levels: portfolio, project, microproject (release) or steppingstone (iteration).

FEATURES: OptiMix uses the patented process of converting logical constraints into linear constraints. Such a process allows you to optimize products based on dependencies. The key to the approach is relativity and research. Relativity; meaning the ROI and Risk assessments are based on the comparison to the items in the optimization case. Our balance feature insures proper distribution across the case. Research means for each level for both ROI and Risk there is a corresponding default based match on our primary research. The license fee is for use by one named user and one portfolio for one year.

  • Four levels of Optimization
  • Optimize on ROI
  • Optimize on least risk
  • Balance items
  • Promote retrospectives