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FlowMate is an easy to use real-time information support solution for creating and maintaining work for an single Infinite Flow team. The purpose of FlowMate is allow you to digitally set-up and manage your Infinite Flow Team by a single producer. 

How to use FlowMate

Flow Team: Needs to be set up first. The producer gives the team a name and adds team members.  The producer is included as  part of the team. The information needed is first and last name, e-mail, and role.  There is only 3 roles, sponsor, producer, and actor.  The producer should only need to create the team once and then make changes, adds, and deletes as needed. As part of our guidelines there is maximum of 12 people on the team.

Flow Work Forms: provides a description of the daily work. This includes task name, number, who wants it, what to do, and why.  There is also rating for value, complexity, goal, and capability. Unlike EZ-Optimix and Optimix, all work is has standard daily cost therefore there  are no cost items for daily work. Each work form is added to the work library and updates the Flow Optimix.  The works stay in the work form section until the task is move to the “Do” section from the Optimix

Flow Optimix: helps prioritize the daily work. Each work form is a row in the Optimix. The row contains the name and number of work form. The row also contains the value, complexity, goal, and capability rating. It also has the status of active or inactive forms.  Using the optimize for drop down you can select from six different optimize scenarios: maximum gain, minimize risk,  Maximum gain with calculated risk, corporate goal, capability, and full which uses all the options. Each day you can optimize the work form using any of the scenarios by selecting one of the six options and press of optimize. The system will return the form that best meets the optimized option. If there is no best option, the system will notify the producer. After this is done the producer selects the single task he or she wants the team to work on by pressing “Do” on the righthand side.

Flow Do: is where the task form is displayed while the task is being worked on. A pdf of the daily task will be create when the Task is moved from the Optimix to the Do page. We suggest the producer send an e-mail with the pdf to the rest of the team.  When the daily task is complete the producer will update the page with answers about the effort to complete the task and any notes.  Then the producer will click on done and the task form will move to the Done section. 

Flow Done: is where the task form is updated with the value and customer satisfaction rating. The producer can complete this task right away or wait for feedback from the sponsor and stakeholders.  

Flow Reports: is a group of standard reports such as a list outstanding tasks and a list of completed task.