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Life-long Learning (L3)

As part of our premium membership, we are providing  the capability to earn professional development credits. You can also gain a Life-long Learning (L3) Certificate from CHAOS University and The Standish Group. The process is simple. All you have to do is read our daily adviceblog and reply that you read it.  We have set-up a special dashboard to hold the latest adviceblogs to be read.  You can also have the option to have the daily adviceblog e-mailed to you with a link to confirm you read it. If you read and reply to 10 of our adviceblogs we will give you 1 hour of professional development credit. This credit will in the format of a formal report.  After 60 hours or 600 microblogs we will issue you a Life-Long Learner L3 Certificate from CHAOS University and The Standish Group. To maintain your L3 you will need to complete 10 hours or 100 microblogs over the next year. Please note, our new PDCs are non-organizational specific, so you can apply for credit to any of your professional and/or academic organizations. However, we make no assurances that any professional and/or academic organization will honor these credits. L3 PDCs are only available for premium members: https://standishgroup.myshopify.com