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Standish Memberships


We have two types of memberships a free basic and a premium membership.  The free membership includes:

  • Legacy CHAOS Reports (2015 to 1994)
  • General Research Reports
  • Access to the 7 latest Adviceblogs
  • Café’ CHAOS blog posts
  • CHAOS Tuesday Podcasts
  • EZ-ROI
  • EZ-Optimix for Single Projects (limited features)

To join please go to: 


You can also upgrade to a premium membership which provides for additional services:

  • FlowMate Management Tool
  • Current CHAOS Reports (2016 to 2020
  • Selected Special Research Reports
  • Access to over 1,500 adviceblogs
  • Life-Long Learning Credits
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Success Ladder Benchmark
  • Simple Dezider
  • Optimix for Portfolio of Projects
  • EZ-Optimix for Single Project (unlimited features)
  • Drafts of Work in Process Research
  • All services in the free membership

To join or upgrade to a premium member go to: