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SAFe vs. Infinite Flow Workshop

Join me for an exclusive workshop on the Infinite Flow method in the Boston area. This small, focused event will provide valuable insights into this innovative approach.

We will kick off with a 10-minute video from Hans Mulder, highlighting the benefits of Infinite Flow. Following this, Jim Johnson will delve into the core principles and skills essential for mastering Infinite Flow.

Gene Sorbo will then explore the similarities and differences between Infinite Flow and common Scrum and agile principles. In a collaborative session, Jim and Gene will compare and contrast the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with Infinite Flow, addressing both their parallels and key differences.

After the presentations, attendees will engage in practical exercises to implement an Infinite Flow team or network. We will also cover strategies for migrating from a SAFe Network to an Infinite Flow network.

What You Will Learn:

•    Benefits of Infinite Flow

•    Infinite Flow principles and skills

•    Comparison of Infinite Flow with common Scrum practices

•    Comparison of Infinite Flow with SAFe

•    Implementation of Infinite Flow

Date and Time: Friday, June 21st, from 10 AM to Noon, followed by a casual lunch. 

Attendees will also receive a production draft copy of the “Guide to Infinite Flow”.  We are only hosting 10 to 15 people. 

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your agile practices and network with fellow professionals. Let  jennifer@standishgroup.com know if you want to come.