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Emmanuel Stockbroekx

Emmanuel Stockbroekx is a world class field hockey player. Emmanuel plays for KHC Dragons and the Belgian national team as a defender. Emmanuel is passioned about playing hockey for his country and creating the best team in the world. His teams have become European Champions, World Champions, and Vice Olympic Champion. His current team is invited to participant in the next Olympics in Japan. This team is a favorite to win the gold. Emmanuel is preparing for life after playing hockey by taking the Good Sponsor Mentor Course.

Advice Articles

Art of Balance

Emmanuel Stockbroekx suggests balance is the art in finding the equilibrium between focusing on yourself and being responsive with your connections.

Behind the Scenes

Emmanuel Stockbroekx suggests for the success of a project or team the sponsor needs to remember people behind the scenes.

Daydreaming Inspiration

Emmanuel Stockbroekx is daydreaming about being a coach and giving his talk before the team’s biggest game.

Emmanuel Stockbroekx

New Contributor: Emmanuel Stockbroekx is a world class field hockey player.

Game Decisions

Emmanuel Stockbroekx suggests there are some key elements in the Field Hockey games that are crucial.

Going for the Gold

Emmanuel Stockbroekx says the Belgium National Men’s Field Hockey Team is at a dream stage.  

Inspiration is Hard

Emmanuel Stockbroekx suggests inspiration is an act that itself must be inspirational.

Losing Trust

Emmanuel Stockbroekx asks how do you regain trust after losing it? 

Personal Business Case

Emmanuel Stockbroekx suggests you create a personal business case and invest in yourself.

The Good Sponsor Lesson 9

Emmanuel Stockbroekx suggests there is a lot of big subjects in Lesson 9 of the Good Sponsor Class.