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Ed Airey

Ed Airey is aa high-tech software industry marketing leader with a proven track record in delivering strategy & results. Optimizing process, enabling cross-functional teams and delivering positive outcomes. Creating customer value by shifting products into solutions. Architect and creator of strategic relationships with industry experts & technology partners.

Advice Articles

DevSecOps Strategy

Ed Airey answers the question, “What is the suggested strategy to introduce and promote a DevSecOps modernization approach?”

Driving Digital Transformation

Ed Airey answers the question, “What are the driving factors for digital transformation?”

Modernization Services with Standish and Micro Focus

Ed Airey answers the question, “What services or assistance do Micro Focus and The Standish Group offer their clients interested in Continuous Modernization and Infinite Flow?”

Tackling Technical Debt

Ed Airey answers the question, “How is technical debt handled and managed within a Flow-like modernization approach?”

Working with Modernization Partners

Ed Airey answers the question, “Who are the top modernization partners working with Micro Focus?”