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Dion Kotteman

Dion Kotteman is a partner in Gray Matter Matters. Dion is the co-author of The Project Saboteur. Kotteman is an advisor and director of government and commercial organizations. Dion is a former CIO and IT executive. Dion has a podcast titled Change Dynamics. He is a frequently sought after speaker at conferences and other events.

Advice Articles

Change Dynamics: Part 1

Dion Kotteman: There is a contrast between the need for change and the effective change that is taking place.

Change Dynamics: Part 2

Dion Kotteman: You need power in decision-making. And that is different from the traditional decision making, because there is this need for imminent and rapid change.

Change Dynamics: Part 3

Dion Kotteman: One thing is the culture should be one of accepting failure, making the wrong mistakes.


Change Dynamics: Part 4

Dion Kotteman: Projects are getting far more important, but it is risky at the same time.

Change Dynamics: Part 5

Jim Crear commented:  A lot of project managers and executives hate to admit or say they were wrong.

Excerpt 1: The Project Saboteur

Dion Kotteman: we underestimate the fact that people sometimes deliberately simply destroy your project because they are not...

Excerpt 2: The Project Saboteur

Dion Kotteman: Suppose you're doing a project that will lead to unemployment of one...

Excerpt 5: The Project Saboteur

Dion Kotteman: Let's take this from this angle, suppose you would upgrade the success rate mentioned by the Standish Group...