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Bruce Barnes

Bruce is a proven C-Level executive and college educator with a strong multi-industry background. He is a strategic thinker with very successful tenures in leading large organizations. Bruce is the founder of The Digital Solutions Gallery, a peer-to-peer IT executive leadership learning and collective problem-solving seminar series. Bruce is also a lecturer at Ohio State University in the areas of IT planning and management.

Advice Articles

Excerpt 1: Preparing IT for 2025

Bruce: I've boiled it down to about five general categories that need much more dedicated attention by executives...

Excerpt 2: Preparing IT for 2025

Bruce: The second category that I think requires much more dedicated focus on by executives going forward...

Excerpt 3: Preparing IT for 2025

Bruce: The third thing I see, or third category which requires I think a bit of focus is the growing shift from ethnocentric...

Excerpt 4: Preparing IT for 2025

Bruce: The fourth category I think is a no-brainer to all of us is the growing volume of...

Excerpt 5: Preparing IT for 2025

Bruce: The last category that I would mention I think rolls all of this stuff up together and….