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Bert Jackson

Bert Jackson is Chief Executive Officer of Cape Cod Technology Council. Overall, Bert is an organizational Leader in Tech, Business, Arts & Community. He is an environmentalist. He loved building structure and envisioning possibility. Bert is also musician and composer, plus a media producer.

Advice Articles

Excerpt 1: Cape Cod Technology Council

Bert: Our three main focuses are technology, entrepreneurship, education, and policy in the region.

Excerpt 2: Cape Cod Technology Council

Bert: One of the things that's happened over the past months, we've pivoted completely from

Excerpt 3: Cape Cod Technology Council

Bert: One of our speakers was founder and executive director of the organization that's running the Mayflower Autonomous Ship.

Excerpt 4: Cape Cod Technology Council

Bert: We've been strongly focusing on sustainable energy. 

Excerpt 5: Cape Cod Technology Council

Bert Jackson: Honestly, I would say on average we're probably about...