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Don Haderle

Don Haderle is an IBM Fellow, CTO and the father of DB2. Don retired from IBM in 2005 after 37 years. As CTO for data systems in IBM, Don led the creation of new information management. Don is helping several start-ups and early stage organizations with both technical and management advice.

Advice Articles

Build an Innovating Organization

Don Haderle suggests, “Product groups need to innovate and create the future."

Customer Feedback

Don Haderle suggests you pull the plug when you cannot find one happy person. 

On the other end

Don Haderle suggests the first prototype of DB2 was not perfect. 

Overcoming the Old Guard

As Don Haderle says, “A good executive sponsor will have his and her ears to ground to understand what’s coming at you that is going to be disruptive and be prepared to take advantage of opportunities.

Own the Future

Don Haderle suggests a good sponsor will own the future. 


Don Haderle says, “IBM was a great organization for learning and…

Start Small – Think Big:

As Don says, “In my job as CTO we needed to figure out what was the next bump, because if you miss the bump than you could miss the whole market."

Survival of the Fittest

As Don Haderle says, “The WebShpere program that started small also had hundreds of other program going at the same time.