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Lee Jones

B. Lee Jones is an experienced and seasoned CIO. Lee is the Director of Information Technology for the County of San Mateo Office of the Assessor, County Clerk-Recorder, & Elections Office. Lee has been a featured CIO speaker at Stanford, UCLA and many other management conferences. Lee is the moderator of a monthly CIO Roundtable in the SF Bay Area.

Advice Articles

Every Problem was a Nail

B. Lee Jones suggests mix of business and technical understanding.

Fall on Your Sword

Are you willing to fall on your sword? 

Managing Expectation

Lee Jones suggests that as a CIO you need to manage 3 things…

Off-Track Vetting

Lee Jones suggest that people get off track all the time.

One to Many Relationship

Lee Jones suggests that if you have many areas that are effected by the project you need to create an executive steering committee.

Role Models

B Lee Jones suggests that you have role models.

Seat at the table

As Lee Jones says, “As a CIO I was faced with the same problems that face many CIOs. I didn’t have a seat at the executive table because I reported to the CFO.

The Ideal Executive Sponsor

B. Lee Jones suggests the perfect executive sponsor is a person that fully understands his or her business.

The Stick

Lee Jones says, “The executive sponsor has great leverage.


Lee Jones suggests vanilla, not even French vanilla.