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Bill Coleman

Bill Coleman was a serial entrepreneur. Bill is best known as founding and operating BEA Systems, Inc. BEA was the original unicorn growing to a billion dollars revenue in just five years. Bill also started and ran several other organizations. In addition, he was a prolific venture capitalist and angle investor. On November 29, 2020 he died after a long fight with pancreatic cancer.

Advice Articles

Coach, Not a Manager

Bill Coleman suggests you coach, not…

Common Vocabulary

Bill Coleman suggests If you develop a good process that is repeatable and measurable,


As Bill Coleman says, “The Solaris project was the future of the company [Sun Microsystems]. Our plan called for the project to last two and a half years, ending in June 1992."

First Principles

Bill Coleman says, “An executive sponsor is a coach, not a manager. 


Bill Coleman suggests frameworks.

Group Ownership

Bill Coleman suggests you create group ownership.

Iterative Vision

Bill Coleman suggests you have an iterative vision.


Bill Coleman says, “I was the executive sponsor for the Solaris project at Sun

Solution Ownership

As Bill says, “As project mentor, the worst thing you can do is tell the team how to solve their problems."


How skilled are you ay using a software development framework?

Value of the Organization

Bill Coleman suggests the leader of an organization only has three first-order responsibilities: the 3Vs, hiring, and organizing.