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Pauline Nist

Pauline Nist is the general manager of software strategy at Intel Corporation. Her specialties include the management of hardware, firmware, operating system and database software product development, marketing, product management and support for systems, and management of customer and partner alliances. Prior to Intel, Mrs. Nist worked in senior executive technical, and marketing positions at HP, Tandem Computers, Digital Equipment, and Penguin Computing.

Advice Articles


Pauline Nist suggests if you are the executive sponsor you have to be an advocate for the project.


 Pauline Nist suggests that one of the major curses in this business…


Pauline Nist relates that on one of my DEC server projects we had this very brilliant engineer, but he was corrosive. 

Daily Tooth Ache

Pauline Nist suggests you find creative ways to engage your team.

Make or Buy

Pauline Nist suggests you focus on distinct competencies. 

Over Value

Pauline Nist suggests that we over value…

Own Team

Pauline Nist suggests having your own team.

Pain in the Ass

Pauline Nist suggests sometimes the only way you can get people to make decisions is to be a pain in the ass.

Snooze Button

As Pauline says, “One of the hard lessons an executive sponsor needs to learn is knowing if you are going to be content in being a advocate for the project."

Tooth Ache

Pauline Nist suggests you save a reserve slot.

Trust, but Verify

Pauline Nist says, “I like to use the Ronald Reagan quote “trust, but verify.”