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Raj Nathan

Raj Nathan was the senior vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Solutions Division at SAP/Sybase, where he was responsible for strategic oversight of the company's core database and middleware business. Prior to Sybase, Dr. Nathan was a senior vice president at Siemens Pyramid. Dr. Nathan holds a PhD and a master's degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State University.

Advice Articles

Add Value

As Raj Nathan says, “One of my main principles in signing up to be an executive sponsor is to make sure that I can add value to the project team.

Air Cover

 As Raj says, “The team underneath the executive sponsor needs to know that he or she will provide air cover.

Business Changes

Raj Nathan suggests that one of the main purposes of an executive sponsor is to evaluate business changes that affect the project.

Clear Goals

Raj Nathan suggests you have clear… 


Raj Nathan suggests you make the commitment.


Raj Nathan suggests you groom people to be an executive sponsor. “

Investment Profile

Raj Nathan suggests that different people use different measurements.

Mission Impossible

Raj Nathan suggests the big thing for an executive sponsor is to recognize they cannot make the impossible happen.

Perfect Executive Sponsor

Raj Nathan suggests the perfect executive sponsor


Raj Nathan suggests a proxy works if it is not really a proxy, but a delegation of authority.


Raj Nathan suggests having the stripes makes a big difference. Often during a project the peer groups have conflicts and do not agree on issues before them."

Time Limited

Raj Nathan suggests executive sponsors need to set limits on…