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Bill Heil

Bill Heil is a Angel Investor, Adviser, Volunteer and Ex Chief Bottle Washer at VMware. Prior to VMware, Bill was the President and COO for WebEx. Bill was also the general manager of Compaq’s Business Critical Server Division. Before Compaq, Bill was the general manager for Tandem Computers. Bill is a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School.

Advice Articles

Clear Success Criteria

Bill Heil suggests what I have seen is projects with a very concrete set of success criteria always do much better than projects that are vague.

Data Early and Often

 Bill Heil suggests data is an area that needs it's own special focus.

Data Early and Often

Bill Heil suggests data is an area that needs it's own special focus.

Defining the Role

 Bill Heil says, “We do lots of IT projects and some executive sponsors are strong and some are not so strong."


As Bill Heil says, “VMware is growing so fast that we often get very talented executive sponsors and teams that are new to the company. 

Entrance and Exits

Bill Heil said that VMware had a large number of waterfall IT projects

Focus on Results

Bill Heil suggests that a lot of time is wasted on preparing for project checkpoints and status presentations.

Help! Go Team!

Bill Heil suggests successful projects have an executive sponsor that knows how to help the team.

Lead by Example

Bill Heil sugeests you lead by example.


Bill Heil suggests that if a critical project gets to a certain point where it is “stuck” we will put the project into a mechanism called on-fire.

Proxy Executive Sponsor

Bill Heil suggests there is nothing good about having a proxy executive sponsor.


Bill Heil suggests I think it is very tricky to reset in the middle of project. 

Role Model

Bill Heil suggests you have good executive…