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Timothy Chou

is an author, teacher, and senior technology executive. Tim is the author of “The End of Software” and “Cloud”. Tim is a lecturer at Stanford University. Tim works with technology start-up firms focusing on cloud computing. Mr. Chou was the president and founder of Oracle On Demand. Tim held senior executive positions at Reasoning, Inc. and Tandem Computers.

Advice Articles


Timothy says, “ When you are in a senior management you have to frame the playing field.


Timothy Chou suggests establishing  the architecture with four major fundamentals; standardization, specialization, repetition and automation.



Healthcare Moonshots Part 2

Tim Chou: There's not enough data. So, you look...

Healthcare Moonshots Part 4

Tim Chou: So why do I call it an Edge Cloud? Well...

Less stability

Tim Chou suggests that less stability is the state or quality of being unstable or unsteady.

More action

Tim Chou suggests doing things and talking less about doing them.

More core

Tim Chou suggests that you focus on the elements of the project that provide the highest benefit.

Own Minds not Bodies

Timothy Chou says, “The key to being an executive is to having people understand your…

Right Question

Timothy Chou says, “One of the first things I tell my Stanford class…

Selling Up

Tim Chou suggests you sell…


Tim Chou suggests there is a need for speed,


Timothy says, “So with Cloudbook we are addressing the fundamental challenge of every company – the cost and effectiveness of sales and marketing."