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Mike Sledge

Mike Sledge is Chief Operating Officer at Acuity, Inc. As Chief Operating Officer of Acuity, Inc., a firm that helps federal agencies safeguard the country by delivering real results and measurable taxpayer value, Mike is responsible for all internal business operations and process improvements. Prior to Acuity, Mike was Chief Executive Officer at Robbins-Gioia.

Advice Articles


Mike Sledge suggests that assumptions are one of the things that can really kill a program manager.

Clear Vision

As Mike Sledge says, “Unity of purpose begins with a common understanding of the program benefits.


Mike Sledge suggests that you collaborated with the executive sponsor.

Dollar at a Time

Mike Sledge suggests that projects get behind a dollar or a day at a time. 


Mike Sledge suggests that one of the ways a program manager will get in trouble. 


Mike Sledge suggests that finishing programs well is equally important to launching programs well.

Information Requirements

Mike Sledge suggests that one of the mistakes a program manager makes is not understanding the executive sponsor’s information requirements.


Mike Sledge suggests that an example of a good executive sponsor was a cabinet secretary. 

Leadership Support

Mike Sledge recalls "Joe is on my team and wants to sponsor a program that he strongly believes in."


Mike Sledge says, “The executive sponsor needs to have the mechanisms in place to effectively oversee and get insight on how the initiative is performing over time.


Mike Sledge suggests that passion is key for being a…


Mike Sledge suggests that an executive sponsor can effectively champion only so many programs.