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Daniel Langermann

Daniel Langermann is a management professional focused on leveraging Information Technology for business value. Dan is currently working with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on their invoice-processing platform. Dan is experienced in high tech, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and consumer packaged goods. Dan is also a frequent guest lecturer at the graduate school of business.

Advice Articles

Breaking the Constraints

Daniel Langermann suggests that you break the constraints. 

Chief Negotiator

Daniel Langermann suggests that you be the chief negotiator.

Expand the Visibility

Daniel Langermann suggests that you expand the visibility. 


Daniel Langermann remembers when he was an executive sponsor of a project… 


Daniel Langermann suggests that you listen.

Make the Call

Dan Langermann suggests that you need to make the call…

Missing Link

Dan Langermann suggests being a sponsor is the link between implementing and getting value from the project.

Must Get It

Daniel Langermann suggests that it is a good idea that the executive sponsor and program manager interview each other.

Part of the Team

Daniel Langermann suggests that the executive sponsor be part of the team.


Dan Langerman recalls that over the course of my career, I have worked on projects as both a project manager and an executive sponsor

Returning Value

Dan Langermann suggests the first thing to do as executive sponsor is act as the link between those who execute the project and those who derive benefit from the project, is to establish a schedule up front for regular communications.

Team Think

Dan Langermann suggests that as executive sponsor, I would look for individuals on the team who understand that the technology is not disassociated with the business solution. 

User’s Shoes

Daniel Langermann suggests that the executive sponsor walk in the user’s shoes.