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Ellen Hancock

Ellen Hancock is an experience senior executive having served as Chief Executive Officer of Exodus Communications, Inc. Chief Technology Officer of Apple Computer, Inc. and Chief Operating Officer of National Semiconductor Corporation. Mrs. Hancock worked at IBM for almost 30 years rising to the level of president and general manager of IBM’s Communication Products Division. Ellen is currently on the board of directors for several Fortune 500 and higher-level educational organizations.

Advice Articles

Ask the Right Questions

Ellen Hancock suggests, “As executive sponsor you cannot say I didn’t know when something goes wrong.


Ellen Hancock suggests if we think about some of the CEOs where problems have occurred on their watch.



Endless Copland

As Ellen says “Copland was to have some nice features such as protected memory, and preemptive multitasking. 

Finding Copland

As Ellen Hancock said, “Gil Amelio hired me as CTO of Apple and said I think we may have a problem with the new operating system.

Hands On

Ellen Hancock suggests  you be hands on.



Ellen Hancock says, “ Having the security services and other enhanced web services changed our brand. 

Killing Copland

As Ellen Hancock says, “I felt that we would put out a release that no one would buy. We had no marketing plan and no understanding of the quality of the product. 

No Control

Ellen Hancock suggests you understand your time limitations. 

Notion of Control

Ellen Hancock suggests the notion of control is very important, do you delegate some of the control and do you have the ability to pull it back. 

Saving Copland

As Ellen Hancock says, “Since the Apple operating system team were not focusing on timeframes they stopped updating the current Mac OS.