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Eric Verzuh

Eric Verzuh is an internationally recognized authority on project management. He founded Versatile in 1990 and he and his team have been helping firms improve their project management ever since.

Advice Articles

Cost of Damage

Eric Verzuh suggests the Cost of Damage goes beyond the project. 




Eric Verzuh suggests damage isn’t the bitter consequence comes from hard work.


Eric Verzuh suggests damage comes from many sources.

Fourth Constraint

Eric Verzuh suggests there is a fourth constraint.

Long Haul

Eric Verzuh suggests project managers with a reputation for competence, integrity, and fairness reap the rewards of their virtues.



Nice Guys

Eric Verzuh suggests that we should not believe "Nice Guys Finish Last".  

No Damage

Eric Verzuh suggests achieving "No Damage" on your project requires three elements.



Eric Verzuh suggests "No Damage" is difficult to achieve by a single project manager.


Personal Damage

Eric Verzuh suggests damage can be personal. 

Reducing Damage

Eric Verzuh suggests reducing damage takes leadership.  



Wasted Effort

Eric Verzuh suggests when the project is under control, crisis is minimized and wasted effort is reduced.