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Chip Bell

Chip R. Bell is the founder of the Atlanta-based Chip Bell Group, helping organizations build a culture that supports long-term customer loyalty.

Advice Articles

Bolstering Self-Direction and Independence

Chip Bell suggests effective mentoring relationships are rich, engaging and intimate.

Giving Learning Gifts

Chip Bell suggests leveling the learning field and fostering acceptance and safety.

Heard, but Ignored

Chip Bell suggests advice may be heard, but ignored.

Leveling the Learning Field

Chip Bell suggests that the first challenge a mentor faces is to help the protégé experience the relationship as a true partnership. 

PM Mentors

Chip Bell suggests that the word mentor can the conjures up the image of a seasoned corporate sage.

Power Imbalance

Chip Bell suggests you disable the power imbalance. 


Radical Changes

Chip Bell suggests radical changes in organizations render skills obsolete almost overnight.


Chip Bell suggests rapport begins with the sounds and sights of openness and authenticity.

Rite of Passage

Chip Bell suggests the rite of passage is a powerful symbol in gaining closure and moving on to the next learning plateau.



Sense of Welcome

Chip Bell suggests you create a sense of welcome.

Value Attentiveness

Chip Bell suggests you value attentiveness.

Winning organizations

Chip Bell suggests that winning organizations are those where learning and experimentation are woven into the fabric of their culture.