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Sidnie Feit

Dr. Sidnie M. Feit is our Chief Scientist. With over 40 years experience, Dr. Feit is a system architect, designer, lecturer and published author, with specialized knowledge of communications networks. She is experienced in technology evaluation, product review, competitive analysis, product launch, and service launch. Prior to joining The Standish Group, Dr. Feit was a member of ITT's system design and architecture group, where she participated in planning an international network, developed an e-mail gateway, and evaluated products. Dr. Feit holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Cornell University. She is the author of books on topics including TCP/IP, network management, local area networks, and wide area networks, and is working on a comprehensive reference book on high speed local, metro, and wide area networks.

Advice Articles

Accurate Estimates

Sidnie Feit suggests creating accurate estimates for a project is difficult, but critical.

Bad News Bearers

Sidnie Feit suggests you deliver bad news early and bravely with solutions.

Being Objective

Sidnie Feit suggests that transparency starts with being objective.

Commitment: Risk/Reward

Sidnie Feit suggests that every project has an element of…

Connecting the Dots

Sidnie Feit suggests that each stakeholder must be able connect the dots.


Sidnie suggests that the project team gather user feedback to achieve consensus.

Decision Pipeline

Sidnie Feit suggests decisions need to flow for projects to be successful.


Sidnie Feit suggests diversity is an area for considerable team strength.

Estimates from Profiles

Sidnie Feit suggests creating accurate estimates from profiles requires lots of historical data and good understanding of the current project.

Estimates from Role Models

Sidnie Feit suggests creating accurate estimates from role models require experienced people.

Executive Bonds

Sidnie Feit suggests that a strong bond is needed between the executive sponsor and the program manager.

Expectation management

Sidnie Feit suggests that expectation…

Expectation management Starts with Achievable Metrics

Sidnie Feit suggests that expectation management starts with an established quality and achievable metrics.

Good Chemistry.

Sidnie Feit suggests common interest sets the stage for good chemistry.

Hot Groups

Sidnie Feit suggests hot groups focus on the task at hand. 


Sidnie Feit suggests mentoring offers a human strategy to increase competency and builds confidence in newly learned skills.


Sidnie Feit suggests that good mentoring can improve project success rates. 

Mentoring Persona

Sidnie Feit suggests that you look for mentors that are aggressive, driving, challenging, passive, patient, understanding, and empathetic.

Mentoring References

Sidnie Feit suggests that you check references.

Mentoring Skills

Sidnie Feit suggests that the mentor must have the required fundamental expertise. 

Merciless Pruning

Sidnie Feit suggests that a clip in time saves nine times or when in doubt throw it out.

Optimal Team

Sidnie Feit suggests that members of a project team contributions are valued.

Peer Reviews

Sidnie Feit suggests you think about peer reviews.

Rapid Feedback - Again

Sidnie Feit suggests quickness and velocity are vital to an agile process. 


Sidnie Feit suggests the scope of a project must be contained.

Size of the Team

Sidnie Feit suggests that size of the team has been much studied by The Standish Group.

Skills of the Team

Sidnie Feit suggests that skills of the team should be varied.

Soapbox Speed

Sidnie Feit suggests you have reduced time between issues and resolutions.

Staff Development

Sidnie Feit suggests ongoing staff training can benefit current projects and contribute to the pool of skills available for future projects.

Toxic Overview

Sidnie Feit suggests there is one in every crowd. 


Sidnie Feit suggests that trade-offs are where each side or sides agree. 


Sidnie Feit suggests turnover disrupts projects. 

Velocity Decision Pipeline

Sidnie Feit suggests that in order to move a decision rapidly, as much friction as possible must be eliminated from the process.

Velocity Time Boxes

Sidnie Feit suggests you set deadlines…


Sidnie Feit suggests you assess project requirements by their yield or gain