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Dick LeFave

Dick LeFave is Independent IT Consultant and corporate board member. Mr. LeFave, CIO level advisory service, specializes in helping organizations in IT transformation and M&A implementation. Dick’s experience includes over 25 years at the CIO level and 35 years in various IT executive positions. Dick worked with AMDOCS, Ciena, Nextel, Sprint, and Southern New England Telephone.

Advice Articles

Brand is Everything

Dick Lefave suggests brand value is the most important consideration for a large transformation project. 

Business Ownership

Dick Lefave suggests you need to have ownership with an adequate investment.

Case of Value

Dick Lefave suggests you need to make sure there is a business case that shows the project has value.


Dick Lefave suggests transformational projects are complicated, very, very complicated.

Team Consistency

Dick Lefave suggests consistency of the team both on the technical as well as on the business side plays a huge role in the success of a project.

Transformational Project

Dick Lefave suggests transformational projects are challenging. 

Value Perspective

Dick Lefave suggests you look at a new large project from the perspective of what is the value.