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Jim Kneeland

Jim Kneeland is currently the Executive Program Director for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, RMV Division, responsible for a $100+ million dollar innovation effort to rewrite all the applications at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. An MBA and PMP, Jim is also a certified and warranted federal contract officer and taught IT at Northeastern University for over 20 years. As CIO for the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the early nineties he implemented a number of state-of-the art IT solutions which included the credit card style license.

Advice Articles

Call for Research

As Jim says, “As head of the Bureau of Information Technology Acquisitions (BITA) I knew we needed to have a standard way of ordering computer equipment without going out to bid every time.


Jim Kneeland suggests an executive sponsor needs to understand the process


Final Stop

As Jim Kneeland says, “I was brought in as CIO for this investment bank in Boston and they were growing like a weed. Governed by three partners, none of the executives would talk to each other.

Group Learning

Jim kneeland suggests that most executive sponsors lacked the skills to be executive sponsors.

Hit or Miss

Jim Kneeland suggests you need to stop executives from demanding unrealistic priority and timeframes.


As Jim Kneeland says, “During my short stay as clerk behind the counter at the RMV I would encounter renewals from rent-a-car organizations including Hertz and Avis.

Strategic Project Office

As Jim says, “I found that most executives just do not know how to be an effective executive sponsor."