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Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith is the CIO for George Mason University. Ms. Smith was the former Head of Information Services and Technology at MIT. She also worked at The Hanover Insurance Group and Liberty Mutual Group, and is a graduate of Babson College.

Advice Articles

Command and Control

Marilyn Smith suggests that the days of “command and control” project managers are...

Customer Councils

Marilyn Smith guest stars in CHAOS Tuesday # 67: Customer Councils. 

Dealing with Abstinence

Marilyn Smith guest stars in CHAOS Tuesday # 6: Dealing with Abstinence.

Do Not Lose the Pulse

Marilyn Smith proposes that you, as a project sponsor, should not be surprised when...

Elevator Snitch

Marilyn Smith recalls a funny story...

End of Life

Marilyn Smith has seen it in several IT organizations: Executives say it's...

Exposure to the Business

Marilyn Smith recalls the day a particular lead developer came to...

Inspiring Project Sponsor

Marilyn Smith looks for executive sponsors who are inspired, involved, and...

Normalized Systems

Marilyn Smith guest stars in CHAOS Tuesday # 101: Normalized Systems. 


Marilyn Smith suggests that you negotiate up front the roles and...

Spilling Blood

Marilyn Smith suggests that it is possible to get things done...

Stress Factor

Marilyn Smith believes managing problems can often be stressful simply...


Marilyn Smith knows the importance of teamwork and of trust among team members.

Technical Difficulties

Marilyn Smith suggests you do not overlook or minimize...

Thought Diversity

Marilyn Smith suggests that on a team, diversity of thought is crucial.

Trustworthy Vendors

Marilyn Smith guest stars in CHAOS Tuesday # 58: Trustworthy Vendors.


Why Large Projects Fail

Marilyn Smith guest stars in CHAOS Tuesday # 41: Why Large Projects Fail.