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David Korkosz

David Korkosz has had a long and successful career as an independent executive coach. Mr. Korkosz has coached some of the world’s business leaders. He has a BSEE from MIT and a MS from Cornell University.

Advice Articles

A Stake in the Ground

David Korkosz notes that great leaders, whether they are...

Beyond Business as Usual

David Korkosz suggests that what you're trying to do when you inspire is...

Blissful Inspiration

David Korkosz continues his musings on inspiration...

Breathe Life Into

David Korkosz reminds that while inspiration plays an important role, simply knowing...


David Korkosz suggests that fear is an important motivator.

Inspiration is Not Magic

David Korkosz suggests that inspiration is a fascinating topic...

Learn to Coach

David Korkosz believes that all of us can learn how to be a coach...

Learn to Inspire

David Korkosz suggests that you can learn to inspire.

Match Those Skills

David Korkosz suggests that there are two basic coaching functions….

Unintended Consequences

David Korkosz proposes that when you make a decision...