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David Sturman

David Sturman is an experienced software developer and CTO with a proven track record of building and guiding smart, innovative and agile technical teams on the cutting edge of technology in rapid growth environments. He is able to function at all levels from strategy, to process, to architecture, to hands-on code development, and can bridge the gap between management and engineering. One of Mr. Sturman’s specialties is doing technology due diligence for organizations that are going through a major financial event such as a merger, acquisition, sale, or other type of event. David’s technical expertise in graphics, simulation, and visualization, as well as scalable internet technologies, but possesses skills that are relevant across most software and systems efforts. David was formally a Senior Director, Software Development at Audible, Inc. (Amazon). Dave worked CTO GenArts, Massive, and VP Software Development TheStreet.com. David received his PhD from MIT Media Labs and BS Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Advice Articles

Excerpt 1: Technology Due Diligence

Sturman: Technology due diligence is a look at the technology and the areas around the technology or the areas of a company that impact technology.

Excerpt 2: Technology Due Diligence

Sturman: Our job in the technology due diligence is to discover what's the state of the technology.

Excerpt 3: Technology Due Diligence

Sturman: Take a company that is 20 years old, they may be running some of the original software they have...

Excerpt 4: Technology Due Diligence

Sturman: We really want to look at how well can the technology be integrated with other technologies.

Excerpt 5: Technology Due Diligence

Sturman: What we often find is we come in with a list of items we want, and then the engineering teams are scrambling to...

Lifelong Learner

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Master of One

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