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Miss Scarlet

The inspiration of The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet book came out of a two-day workshop in 2005. This book is a work of fiction. The company in this story does not exist and it was not modeled after any existing or former company. Much of what is depicted in the book is compilation and amalgamation of actual Standish engagements. While there may be events within the book that actually occurred, many have been enhanced or changed to correspond to the story.

Advice Articles

Chapter 10: Miss Scarlet

2:30 P.M. Pacific Time November 9, 2004, Fremont. Crutec’s cafeteria looked like any other cafeteria in a high-tech company; rows...

Chapter 11: Miss Scarlet

“Thank you all for joining us today for this project group therapy session. I would like to begin the discussion by...

Chapter 12: Miss Scarlet

Santana Row promotes itself as Northern California’s premier living, shopping, and entertainment destination.


Chapter 13: Miss Scarlet

The Marshside Restaurant is aptly named. It sits right out on the marsh in East Dennis, Massachusetts, in a small piece of the world known to the locals as Sesuit Neck.

Chapter 14: Miss Scarlet

He was driving his silver Aston-Martin convertible north up route 280.

Chapter 15: Miss Scarlet

The meeting took place in MacBrody’s personal conference room next to his modest office. 

Chapter 16: Miss Scarlet

Chapter 16: Miss Scarlet: I drove my 1998 Mercedes 230 SLK sports car west on Route 6A from Dennis with the top down, the windows up, and the heat on full blast. 


Chapter 17: Miss Scarlet

Chapter 17: Miss Scarlet: Amanda and I were sitting at our individual desks eating Buckie’s corn and blueberry muffins and drinking our lattes...


Chapter 18: Miss Scarlet

Chapter 18: Miss Scarlet: Becky White maintained her father’s office as it was when he left it with all the sailing pictures, awards, and trinkets. 


Chapter 19: Miss Scarlet

Chapter 19: Miss ScarletAmanda, Leroy, and I were sitting around waiting for our shipment from Crutec. 

Chapter 1: Miss Scarlet

It was a blue bird, one of those engagements that seems to fall out of the sky.

Chapter 2: Miss Scarlet

The various taxis and limos stopped in front of the hotel.

Chapter 3: Miss Scarlet

That conversation and the details of the board meeting were recounted for me by Pink over the phone, 

Chapter 4: Miss Scarlet

John Grier and Bob Blackman were sitting in the Ritz bar at the front window.

Chapter 5: Miss Scarlet

The Red Pheasant is in an old Cape Cod-style farmhouse built in the 1600s.

Chapter 6: Miss Scarlet

“Don’t you have to get home to your wife? You got what you came for,” sniped Stephanie.

Chapter 7: Miss Scarlet

Scargo Manor is a three-story antique sea captain’s home that turned into a bed and breakfast several years ago.

Chapter 8: Miss Scarlet

Beatrice Babcock’s office is located on the second floor in Crutec’s massive headquarters building in Fremont, California.

Chapter 9: Miss Scarlet

8:30 A.M. Eastern Time, November 4, 2004, Cape Cod. The galactic world headquarters for Roberts and Associates is on a dead-