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Sander Stockbroekx

Sander Stockbroekx is an ambitious and motivated person who is eager to learn and to develop his entrepreneurial spirit. With substantial experience in managerial teamwork, leadership, strategic planning and creativity and a background in economy and entrepreneurship, Sander Stockbroekx is always looking for extraordinary people and extraordinary companies. Digital transformation is his sandbox. Because of his master’s in Business Innovation & Creative Entrepreneurship and his second masters Enterprise IT Architecture, gave him the knowledge of the theories and concepts to develop his own Intelligent Digital Transformation Model i.e. his own mental model. In order to transform organizations to reach the state of ‘Flow’, where they have statistically proven the highest success probability for their IT projects, as described by the Standish Group research.

Advice Articles

Fly on Honey

Sander Stockbroekx says I’ve only been working professionally for over 4 years. but...

Intelligent Digital Transformation Model

Sanders Stockbroekx’ new “Intelligent Digital Transformation Model” (IDT-Model) is used for several new IT projects.

Surgical Teams

Sander Stockbroekx suggests that another interesting researcher is Frederick P. Brooks, who wrote an article about surgical teams.

Universal Team Knowledge

Sander Stockbroekx suggests that teams only work because of the universal knowledge that people are imperfect.