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Phantom Advisor

Phantom Advisor was a special group of Standish Analysts, IT executives, and notorious consultants that conducted a research project on how the big consulting firms manipulated their customers to maximize their fees and revenue. The Phantom Advisors conducted interviews, focus groups, and surveys to come up with a list of 21 common activities that consultants use to maximize revenue. The research was conducted in the spring of 1997 long before the book and HBO series “House of Lies”.

Ed Airey

Ed Airey is aa high-tech software industry marketing leader with a proven track record in delivering strategy & results. Optimizing process, enabling cross-functional teams and delivering positive outcomes. Creating customer value by shifting products into solutions. Architect and creator of strategic relationships with industry experts & technology partners.

Lon Allan

After 35 years as a corporate lawyer in Silicon Valley for companies such as Atari, NetLogic Microsystems and Global Motorsport, Lon Allan is now an educator of directors and C-Suite executives of public, private, venture-backled and non-profit entities at both the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University and the Stanford Senior Executive Leadership Program.

Emmanuel Awolumate

Emmanuel Awolumate is a seasoned professional with 15 plus years of technical, business, and leadership experience gained working in different industries, namely manufacturing, Nuclear, Government, and IT. He holds a bachelor's and master's degrees in chemical engineering as well as a master's degree in Engineering Management. Besides, he is currently working towards his Doctorate in engineering management at the George Washington University.