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The Project Saboteur

On March 19th we released Wisdom Wednesday # 9 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 130 which discusses how to deal with a Project Saboteur. Our guest of this show is Dion Kotteman.

Dion is a former CIO, consultant, and literally wrote the book, The Project Saboteur … and how to kill them. In this program, Dion will define and paint a visual picture of a project saboteur. He will discuss how dangerous a saboteur is to the health and wellbeing of a project. Dion will suggest how people within projects develop into a project saboteur. He will map out the differences and activities of the types of saboteurs.  Mr. Kotteman will provide advice on how to deal with each type of saboteur. Dion also talks about the difference between a whistleblower and saboteur. 

In the video, and podcast you will take away:

  • ·      What is a project saboteur
  • ·      Why should you be concern
  • ·      Dangers of a saboteur 
  • ·      How to recognize the different types 
  • ·      How to deal with each type


You can watch or listen to the show by going here: