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Zoom vs. Room in Five Parts

Next week’s Adviceblog series is titled Zoom vs. Room. This is a five-part series on virtual professional and business meetings versus in-person meetings.  Most of us had seen cases where some of professional meetings thrived, while other professional meetings faltered.  The question is why? Over the five-part Adviceblog series we will explore the “Whys”. This series is not for general company meetings, team meetings, project status meetings and non-professional group meetings. It is only focused on professional and business meetings you elect to join and participant in professional education and advancement.  The results are based on feedback of over 300 participants of our membership and members of other professional associations. 

Full Disclosure: Jim Johnson was the first outside investor and alpha user of WebEx over twenty-five years ago. Since then, Jim has hosted, produced, experimented, and participated in thousands of virtual meetings over WebEx, Zoom, Teams and other web meeting tools.  From 1995 to 2017 Jim produced, hosted, moderated, and directed speakers in an in-person, 3-day conference called CHAOS University.  Every year, the conference featured 60 CIOs and IT executives from around the world on improving software and project management. Jim is a frequent Keynote speaker for major conferences around the world. He also has moderated hundreds of focus groups, and workshops. For the last 10 years Jim has been a judge for the American Business Awards (Stevies) in evaluating videos.  Jim’s experience uniquely qualifies him to provide insight into this topic. 

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