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Agile Government Contracting

Jim Johnson Interviews John Stenbeck and reviews Agile Government Contracting book.

  The Agile Government Contracting: Expert Guidance for Department, Command and Agency Leaders, Contracting Officers, Procurement Professionals, and Program Managers is writtenby Mr John G Stenbeck, Dr Michael G Santens , and Jason Glavich.  

The book is more like research report with a number e Agile-specific suggestions on dealing with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS).  The book also contains some case studies.  Watch Interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZRWwEVAlcg

Success Ladder Benchmark Examples

During week of November 14th to the 18th we will present five examples of the results of the Success Ladder Benchmark.   

We will start out with a basic software development project.  It is a grand project using the waterfall method.  Each day we will make one change to the project to improve the chances of success.  These are the project attributes used for the example benchmarks:

  • ·      Industry
  • ·      World Region
  • ·      Type
  • ·      Methodology
  • ·      Size
  • ·      Complexity:
  • ·      Good Place Maturity Level
  • ·      Good Team Maturity Level
  • ·      Good Sponsor Maturity Level

For more information on the Success Ladder Benchmark go to: 







SPA Week: November 7th to 11th

November 7th to 11th is another SPA week. SPA standing for “Search Preceding Adviceblogs” There are over 2,000 current Adviceblogs (AKA microblogs) in the Advice Database. The database has an easy key word search and subject matter designation.  Using the keywords “Artificial Intelligence” we found 18 In SPA Week we will present 5 SPA samples of the Adviceblogs using this key words “Artificial Intelligence”.  One per day over the SPA week.  Do your own search on the adviceblogs. 
SPA Sample 1 – Artificial Intelligence is an increasing topic of discussion in PMO round tables says Deb Cote. Using the keywords “Artificial Intelligence” we found this entry in the advice database. 
SPA Sample 2 - Minerva Tantoco: And how did you collect that data, and was the appropriate, either GDPR or other rules complied with when you collected that data. Using the keywords “Artificial Intelligence” we found this entry in this advice database.
SPA Sample 3 - We ask more the 50 IT senior executives “What will be the most overused term or acronym for 2021?” Using the keywords “Artificial Intelligence” we found this entry in this advice database.
SPA Sample 4 - Peter Taylor: And for those who take it seriously, I think it's an opportunity to make a real difference. Using the keywords “Artificial Intelligence” we found this entry in this advice database. 
SPA Sample 5 - Broad learning is the ability of the organization to educate and cross-train the Flow team on current and future skills needed to perform the daily tasks of building and maintaining software. 


WW14-Edited Outs

Next week’s Adviceblogs will focus on our interview with Deb Cote. Last week’s Adviceblog were excerpts from our podcast and video with the Deb Cote on the New Iron Triangle. Deb is a results-driven Project Management Professional (PMP) with a broader vision and perspective. So, we took 5 parts of the interview that ended up on the cutting floor. Here is next week’s adviceblog subjects. 

  • Monday: Artificial Intelligence for PM
  • Tuesday: Big Data
  • Wednesday: Alexa versus HIPPA
  • Thursday: Organizational Flattening
  • Friday: The Next Generation

New Iron Triangle

In Wisdom Wednesday # 14 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 135 we discuss Project Management Institute (PMI) change to the Iron Triangle from On Time, On Budget, On Target to Outcomes, Outcomes, Outcomes.


  In this show we have causal conversation with Debra Cote. Deb is a results-driven Project Management Professional (PMP) with experience and education in strategic planning, PMO startup and execution, project management, training and education, document management, technical communications, and personnel management.  In our discussion we look at how PMI has turned the PMBOK upside down from process to results. The focus is on why the change and what it means for project managers.  We talk about how virtual teams works. We also look at the future career opportunities for project managers. 

In this show you will take away: 

  • ·               New PMI Principles
  • ·               Outcomes versus output
  • ·               Virtual Teams
  • ·               Career Advancement for PMs
  • ·               Why New Principles

To watch go to:


AIML in Project Management Tools

The Standish Group asked project management experts to share their insight when the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) Technology will be used in project management (PM) tools and methods. Over the next 10 adviceblogs (Oct 10 to Oct 21) we present the results. 


Decision Latency

Decision Latency is the root cause of software project failure.  

We outlined this in our 2018 CHAOS Report: Decision Latency Theory.  We asked Antwerp Management School (AMS) executive graduate students to write an Adviceblog about their findings and experience with Decision Latency in their projects. Over the next five Adviceblogs we will present a sample of their advice and comments.    

Tales from Over the Edge of CHAOS

Next week’s five adviceblogs completes the Tales from Over the Edge of CHAOS series by Bob Kelley. This humorous true story of Bob’s experience implementing a Grand ERP system at a large pharmaceutical company in104 pasts. To read https://www.standishgroup.com/adviceAuthor/108



CHAOS Tuesday Programs

Our latest podcast #134 was release on August 29, 2022. The focus of this podcast was on strategic planning.  You can listen to it by going here: https://www.standishgroup.com/chaostuesday/podcast/view/id/136

Our strategic plan for CHAOS Tuesday programs was to present a discussion around project management topics that would be both timely and timeless.  

As an example, we released our first podcast, CHAOS Tuesday, on April 16th, 2013.  In Podcast #1 titled Learning from Retrospectives, we looked at resources to learn how to conduct and improve retrospectives. To listen go to https://www.standishgroup.com/chaostuesday/podcast/view/id/2.  

Over the week of September 12, 2022, we will present the first 5 CHAOS Tuesday Shows.  Please let us know if we met our strategic goal of being both timely and timeless.  Write your comments to Jennifer Lynch at jennifer@standishrgroup.com.  

BTW:  You can also see the full list of CHAOS Tuesday programs by going here: https://www.standishgroup.com/chaostuesday/podcast/index

Strategic Planning

In Wisdom Wednesday # 13 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 134 we look at strategic planning and the future of project management (PM). 

In this show we have causal conversation with Gene Bounds. Gene has a unique perspective as a PMI Fellow, former PMI board members and a former board member of the Scrum Alliance.  We will be releasing this show on August 29th. 


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