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Week of Deadly Sins

Deadly Sins Week is from January18th to January 22th, 2021. In this week’s adviceblogs, Jim Crear presents the 5 Deadly Sins of project management and suggestions on how to deal with them.  We have added our reflections on how Infinite Flow reduces or eliminates them without restoring to the time consuming and costly efforts that Jim presents. Remember Infinite Flow is anti-project therefore anti-sin method of developing software. Here is the line-up of the Deadly Sins adviceblogs:

Monday 1-18-2021

Overcome overambition: overambition is a strong desire to execute a significant project to gain fame, fortune, or power through the impact of overreaching goals.

Tuesday 1-19-2021

Isolate abstinence: Abstinence in the context of project management, is the act or practice of refraining from participation and contribution to the project.

Wednesday 1-20-2021

Dealing with arrogance: arrogance is the unwarranted, overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward superiors, peers, and subordinates.

Thursday 1-21-2021

Conquer ignorance: Ignorance is the condition of being unaware, uninformed, uneducated, and/or unsuspecting about the project and stakeholder goals, directions, details, issues, and opportunities.

Friday 1-22-2021

Combat fraudulence: Fraudulence is an action intended to deceive; it is deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage, or more commonly to avoid confrontation.


January Book Review Week

Henny Portman is our reviewer for the January Book Week 1-11 to 1-15-2021. Henny is reviewing these five books:

Monday: 1-11-2021

Engaging stakeholders on projects – How to harness people power by Elizabeth Harrin

Tuesday 1-12-2021

 Agile Conversations – Transform Your Conversations, Transform your Culture by Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick

Wednesday 1-13-2021

Agile transformation – Structures, processes and mindsets for the digital age by Neil Perkin

Thursday 1-14-2021

People Over Process – Leadership for Agility by Michael K. Levine

Friday 1-15-2021

 Team Topologies – Organizing business and technology teams for fast flow Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais

Henny Portman is consultant, author, international speaker, coach and trainer for both traditional project management (MoP, MSP, PRINCE2, P3O) and agile approaches like AgilePM, AgilePgM, PRINCE2 Agile, AgileSHIFT and SAFe. He performs PPM maturity scans, and his past experience includes directing PMO’s in Europe and Asia for ING and NN Group.


Bill Coleman Week

Bill Coleman week looks at five adviceblogs from Bill Coleman. On November 29, 2020 serial entrepreneur, Bill Coleman, died after a long fight with pancreatic cancer.  Bill is best known as founding and operating BEA Systems, Inc.  BEA was the original unicorn growing to a billion dollars revenue in just five years. Bill also started and ran several other organizations. In addition, he was a prolific venture capitalist and angle investor.  

Bill was a big supporter of our transaction, high availability, and  project performance research and workshops. He was a frequent speaker at Standish events and participant in a number of Standish focus groups. Bill was the first person I interviewed when we started our research on the skills of the executive project sponsor.  He was major influence in the writing the Good Sponsor Book and education. Here are my five favorite adviceblogs from interviews with Bill. 

Monday 12-14-2020

First Principles: Bill Coleman suggests that an executive sponsor is a coach, a manager and mentor. 


Tuesday 12-15-2020

Solution OwnershipBill Coleman says, “As project mentor, the worst thing you can do is tell the team how to solve their problems. 


Wednesday 12-16-2020

Frameworks: Bill Coleman suggests frameworks.  


Thursday 12-17-2020

Trains: Bill Coleman suggests using software trains. 


Friday 12-18-2020

Value of the Organization: Bill Coleman suggests the leader of an organization only has three first-order responsibilities


Jim Johnson

December Book Review Week

Hans Mulder is our reviewer for the December Book Week 12-7 to 12-11-2020. Hans is reviewing these five books:

Monday: 12-7-2020

Foundations of Enterprise Governance and Engineering"and "Practicing Enterprise Governance and Engineering" by Jan Hoogervorst

Tuesday 12-8-2020

Enterprise Ontology by Jan Dietz and Hans Mulder

Wednesday 12-9-2020

Agilizing the Enterprise by Joseph Raynus

Thursday 12-10-2020

The Good Mate: How understanding team relationships can make you happier and more productive' by Evan Sorensen and Jim Johnson

Friday 12-11-2020

The Good Sponsor by Jim Johnson

Throwback Week

Throwback week is 2020 November 30 to December 4th. In this week we will reexamine 5 previous adviceblogs to see how they fit with Infinite Flow. Here is the line-up of earlier adviceblogs:  

Monday 11-30

Titled “Over the Edge”, Albert Soule suggests that executive sponsors look to the project team to put together a list of risks.

Tuesday 12-1

Titled ”Concordia Project”, The Standish Group team of advisors reviewed the Concordia Project.

Wednesday 12-2

Titled “Filters”, Wayne Strider suggests having filters.

Thursday 12-3

Titled “Remove and Replace”, Jennifer Lynch suggests you remove and replace the non-participating stakeholder.

Friday 12-4

Titled “Radical Changes”, Chip Bell suggests radical changes in organizations render skills obsolete almost overnight.




A Week of Tuesdays

The week on November 16th to 20th. The Standish Group is presenting a look at past CHAOS Tuesday programs and how they relate to Infinite Flow. 

Monday  11-16-2020

Flow Team Building: The heart of the Infinite Flow process is the team. 

Tuesday 11-17-2020

Software in One Day: Infinite Flow delivers software in a single day.

Wednesday 11-18-2020

Selling Flow: Infinite Flow might be considered a new methodology, but it is more evolution then revolutionary.  

Thursday 11-19-2020

Fresh, Usable, and Efficient software: Infinite Flow delivers a very small amount of software most days. 

Friday 11-20-2020

No Kill Switch: Infinite Flow has no kill switch because none is needed. 


Note: There will no adviceblogs issued during the week of 11-23-2020


November Book Review Week

Week of 11-9 to 11-13 2020 our adviceblog section I will review these five books:

Monday 11-9-2020

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb is about surviving and even flourishing when things break.

Tuesday 11-10-2020

Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization book by Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright.  

 Wednesday 11-11-2020

 Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don't Waste Your Time and Money book written by Pat Flynn.

Thursday 11-12-2020

Turn Enemies into Allies: The Art of Peace in the Workplace is a book written by Judy Ringer.

Friday 11-13-2020

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don't Know is a book written by Malcolm Gladwell.  

Jim Johnson


What do you expect?

The week of 11-2 to 11-6 we will present our adviceblogs with a focus on managing expectation through Infinite Flow.


Going for the Gold: Emmanuel Stockbroekx says the Belgium National Men’s Field Hockey Team is at a dream stage.  


Managing Expectations through Infinite Flow: Infinite Flow manages expectation through a close collaboration with the business and technology.


Managing Expectations is Crucial: Hans Mulder suggests that managing expectations is crucial.


Expectation management Starts with Achievable Metrics: Sidnie Feit suggests that expectation management starts with an established quality and achievable metrics.


Happy Talk: Tony Collins suggests that if you continually fuel expectations of a new system by offering only “happy talk” to inquiries,

Would IT Flow

Next week (10-26 to10-30) advice microblog’s theme is “Would it Flow”.  Here is next week’s line-up: 


Would IT Flow: We reprofiled the New York City Automated Payroll System using Infinite Flow


Would IT Flow: We take another look at SACWIS projects using Infinite Flow 


Would IT Flow: How would RMVs drive their applications using Infinite Flow. 


Would IT Flow: Flash Boys – How fast would you trade with Infinite Flow


Would IT Flow: We look at trade-offs with using consultants with Infinite Flow


Random Thoughts on Infinite Flow

Next week our adviceblog will focus on some random thoughts on Infinite Flow.

Infinite Flow is a non-project-based environment that builds and releases software daily.  

The schedule is: 


Builds and Releases: Infinite Flow is a non-project-based environment that builds and releases software daily. 


Critical Success Factor: Infinite Flow critical success factor is Decision Latency.


Flow Automation: Infinite Flow requires lots of automation. 


Single Source: Infinite Flow encompasses configuration management as part of the daily deliverables. 


The Flow Runs Through IT: Infinite Flow should be focused on the business. 

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