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Sponsor Resource Center

The Sponsor Resource Center has several products and services to improve project sponsorship.   If you are a project professional or a project sponsor we can help. 

For the project sponsor we have 3 resources.  First take our short 10-question evaluation. Free when you register.  Second, purchase and read our new book, The Good Sponsor and do the exercises.  The book outlines the 50 skills need to be a good sponsor and provides exercises and assessments on those skills.  Last take the full 50-skills assessment.  This assessment will provide you with a score and benchmark report.  The 5-page report provides suggestions to act on to get better at the most important skills you need to improve to be a better sponsor.  You can purchase the assessment in our store.

Check-out On Demand Good Sponsor Roundtable

Calculating Your Time Commitment go here

The Good Sponsor review by Henny Portman

The Good Sponsor Package includes The Good Sponsor Book and online appraisals. Buy Now! 

Trump's Lesson for Sponsors

For the project professional we have 2 resources.   First is our new book, Jackie and the Three Bears.  This is a fun book with a serious message.  The book outlines an interview process with 3 different bears on the important skills of a project sponsor.   It draws conclusions on what makes a good sponsor.  It also doubles as a doodle book and notebook.  You can purchase this book in our LuLu Store.  Second is our Executive Sponsor Research Report. Executive Sponsor Research Report is a concise overview of the outcomes based on the skill-levels of the project sponsor.  The report also outlines roles, responsibilities, and skills needed to be an effective executive sponsor. You can also purchase this book in our LuLu Store.

Other books and reports go to our LuLu Spotlight.