Last Updated on: April 24, 2019

Project Sponsor Mentoring

Apr 24, 2019


The Standish Group announces a major change on our training program for project sponsors, champions, and owners. The Good Sponsor Mentored training is a structured program managed by a professional mentor. Mentoring is a critical ingredient in improving project sponsor skills. Finding a person to mentor you can be hard. In addition, many former sponsors are neither experienced in mentoring or proficient in sponsoring. The Standish is offering two mentored sponsor programs: Good Sponsor Mentored Nanoclassand Good Sponsor Rapid Mentored Workout

The benefits of the Good Sponsor Mentored program are:

  • Acquisition of good sponsor habits
  • High retention of project sponsor skills
  • Life-Long Learning Credits
  • Confidence in your ability to sponsor projects
  • Special coaching is available

Please see our video for an overview:

For more information, please contact Jennifer Lynch (


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Cafe CHAOS News


Apr 23, 2019

Once upon a time, the principal of an elementary school, Joan Fanning, was daydreaming about how she could help her students learn more and have more fun along the way.

CHAOS Tuesday News

Good Sponsor Workshops

Jan 8, 2019

CHAOS Tuesday Show #119 is an overview of the Good Sponsor Workshops conducted in 2017 and 2018.  In this show, Jennifer Drake Ford provides a description of each of the Good Sponsor principles, and Hans Mulder follows each description with examples of exercises and feedback from the Good Sponsor Workshops, focusing on the individual skills supporting the principles.  Hans also provides his own commentary on these skills, as well as feedback from Good Sponsor delegates. The show also provides an overview into the Good Sponsor Nanoclass and the types of skills nanoclass participants can acquire. Takeaways are:

  • Definition and descriptions of Good Sponsor principles
  • Brief introduction to the 50 Good Sponsor skills
  • Workshop feedback on the 50 Good Sponsor skills
  • Commentary on the 50 Good Sponsor skills
  • What it takes to be a Good Sponsor

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PM2GO News

Finding a Project Sponsor Mentor (Part 2)

Apr 24, 2019

Finding a good project sponsor can be hard.  This is because the project sponsor is not a permanent full-time job or even title.

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Finding a Project Sponsor Mentor (Part 1)

Apr 23, 2019

Standish defines a mentor as an experienced and trusted adviser that helps train a colleague.

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Dealing With a "Difficult" Person

Apr 19, 2019

Wayne Strider suggests dealing with difficult person is your responsible.

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Royal Project

Apr 18, 2019

The Standish Group team of advisors reviewed the Royal Project. 

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