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Success Ladder Benchmark

We just released our first version of our Success Ladder Benchmark. This benchmark measures your chances of a success for a single project.  The benchmark will return a result based on answers to questions against the 50,000 project profiles in the CHAOS Database. Currently the Success Ladder has three rungs: actuary, size, and complexity.  The Success Ladder Benchmark ultimately will have six rungs. The six rungs are:  

Rung 1 is the actuary:  results are based on two project profile questions.

Rung 2 is size: results change based on our labor cost range.

Rung 3 is complexity: results change based on the complexity range

Rung 4: is Good Place: results change based on the environmental skills

Rung 5: is Good Team: results change based on the team emotional maturity

Rung 6: is Good Sponsor: results change based the skills of the sponsor

Premium members will be able to use the three rungs for now and later at the publication of the CHAOS Report 2020 all 6 rungs. If you are not a premium member you can sign up in our store: Premium Membership