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The Good Place Guide

The Standish Group is working on a new guide to create and maintain a wholesome environment for developing and implementing software applications and projects. The Good Place Guide will follow the format of The Good Sponsor and The Good Mate with 10 principles and 50 skills. The Good Place Guide will also follow the Good Place Appraisal and  The Good Place skills summary in our CHAOS2020 Beyond Infinity Report with greater details and advice. Over each of the next 10 weeks we will be releasing five adviceblogs that follow one of The Good Place Principles. These microblogs are rough drafts that are for the final Good Place Guide, so please remember this is for you, and provide feedback and any correction to me (Jennifer@standishgroup.com).  Following the adviceblogs and feedback The Standish Group will create a formal Good Place Guide. Thank you for your support.