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Success Ladder Benchmark 2.0

Success Ladder Benchmark is now fully “Do It Yourself” (DIY). Premium members can execute a Success Ladder Benchmark at any time.  Premium members can run as many benchmarks as they want. They can benchmark all their software projects no matter the state using the Success Ladder Benchmark.  Premium members can run the benchmark before they start a project, in the middle, or at the end. Success Ladder Benchmark is a rough order of magnitude of what you can expect from your software projects. You can use the benchmark to decide to start a project or not if you do not like your chances of success.  Premium members can change  process to improve chances of success.  You can use the Success Ladder Benchmark to research results of competed projects.

We have upgraded the Success Ladder Benchmark to include an organization profile.  The profile provides additional information to improve the accuracy of the rough order of magnitude base results. In order to improve the accuracy of the upper 3 rungs, good place, good team, and good sponsor we added these appraisals to the skills appraisal section.  Users can assess the maturity of these 3 areas and add the results to the Success Ladder Benchmark.  The results themselves can also be used to improve each of the areas. Such improves can also be feed back to the Success Ladder Benchmark.


If you are not a premium member, you can join by buying a membership here: https://standishgroup.myshopify.com/