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Scrum Master’s Mentor Guide to Infinite Flow

The Standish Group in partnership with Strong Tower is in the process of developing a guide for Scrum Masters to be able mentor Infinite Flow Teams. The working title is The Scrum Master’s Mentor Guide to Infinite Flow. In addition, this guide will also serve as introductory guide to Infinite Flow Mentor Skills.  Infinite Flow Mentor performs many of the same skills as a Scrum Master, plus additional skills need to mentor and advice Infinite Flow Sponsors, producers (business analysts) and actors (technical staff). We will be releasing a series of microblogs in the advice section as drafts of small parts for the future guide. We expect the guide to follow the principles (P) and skills (S) in the outline of Infinite Flow.  Jim Johnson is the prime writer for The Standish Group and Gene Sorbo is the prime writer for Strong Tower.