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Cape Cod Technology Council

We just released Wisdom Wednesday # 7 and CHAOS Tuesday Show #128. This show provides an overview of the Cape Cod Technology Council.  Our guest of this show is Bert Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Cape Cod Technology Council.  Mr. Jackson presents how the council moved from in-person to virtual meetings and the results of the transition. Bert talks about the main area of focus of the Cape Cod Technology Council (CCTC).  Learn how these areas promote social change in the Cape Cod Region.  Also learn about some of the guest speakers and their topics at the in-person and virtual meetings.  Bert outlines many of the other activities, sub-committees, and management structure of the organization. In the video, and podcast you will take away:

·      In-person to Virtual Transition

·      Overview of CCTC

·      How CCTC promotes Social Change

·      CCTC Operations

·      CCTC Educational services

You can watch or listen to show by going here: