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Last Updated on: December 3, 2021

Future of Work

Dec 2, 2021

We will be releasing our Wisdom Wednesday# 5 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 126 on December 4, 2021. In this show we explore what the future holds for knowledge workers with a global perspective. Our guest speaker is David West. Dave is an experienced and highly skilled advocate of the agile process and scrum methods. As the CEO of scrum.org, David has travel through time and space using Zoom with his scrum educational partners thought-out the world to gain a better understating of the future of work. David explains how changes using a generalist in the mainstream and specialists for distinct activities are one of the keys to the future of work.  Dave will focus on three elements he sees the future of work. In this show you will take away:

  • ·      Generalist v. Specialist
  • ·      Changes in Culture
  • ·      Agile Everywhere
  • ·      The Human Element
  • ·      Motivation

Note: Joining Dave are two panelists: Jim Crear, our CIO and Gene Sorbo, the CEO of Strong Tower Solutions, plus Jim Johnson as the host. 

In addition, our adviceblogs will feature excerpts from this show during the week on December 6, 2021

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Cafe CHAOS News

The Elephant and the 1,000 Mice

Apr 12, 2021

Infinite Flow uses the elephant and the mice together to form a more perfect union and to allow continuous innovation at the business operations level.

CHAOS Tuesday News

Preparing IT for 2025

Nov 13, 2021

Wisdom Wednesday #4 and CHAOS Tuesday Show #125 is on preparing IT for 2025. In this show we explore how to prepare general IT by 2025. Our guest speaker is Bruce Barnes. Bruce is a proven C-Level executive and college educator with a strong multi-industry background. He is a strategic thinker with very successful tenures in leading large organizations. Bruce will lay out what he has learned from high-level IT executives on preparing for 2025 during many of his The Digital Solutions Gallery events.  In this show you will take away:

  • ·      Technology advancements
  • ·      Workforce
  • ·      Global Playing Field
  • ·      Cybersecurity
  • ·      Culture


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Advice News


Dec 3, 2021

Negotiation is the act of mutual discussion and arrangement of the commitment to a Flow team’s direction. 

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