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Last Updated on: August 13, 2020

Principles of Infinite Flow.

Aug 12, 2020

We just uploaded to the research report section a draft of the Principles of Infinite Flow.  In this draft paper we lay out the basic principles of Infinite Flow (Flow). Flow is a method to manage software development, implementation, and maintenance through a continuous process, rather than doing projects. The Five Principles of Flow are the foundation for this continuous process.  All members can read this paper go to: https://www.standishgroup.com/paper


Note: Since this is draft, please provide feedback.  Send your feedback to jennifer@standishgroup.com.  Thank you. 

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Cafe CHAOS News

Fight in the Dog

Aug 12, 2020

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” said Mark Twain.

CHAOS Tuesday News

Go with the Flow #1

Mar 17, 2020

CHAOS Tuesday Show #121 is on “Go with the Flow #1”. In this show we explore the features and benefits on the Flow Methods. Jim Johnson and Sander Stockbroekx

have a casual conversation on his experience with developing applications with the Flow method.  Sander Stockbroekx, CEO and Founder of Diplomatic Card Service Diplomatic Card creates software specially designed to process tax free payments for diplomates in various countries. Sander will discuss his experience in the evolution of the software development going back ten years over five major projects. Sander will explain how he applied new technique and lessons to his current digital transformation project with great success. Takeaways: 

  • Definition of Flow
  • The Flow Process
  • Same project without Flow
  • Same project with Flow

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Real User Needs 

Aug 13, 2020

How skilled is your organization in producing requirements that meets the needs of the user?

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