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Last Updated on: October 28, 2021


Oct 20, 2021

We just released a research report titled THE GOOD PLACE: A Guide to Improving Your Software Workplace Environment. The Good Place” Report is how we describe the ideal environment in which a sponsor and team work to create and implement a software product. It’s a “place,” of course, but that place is actually made up of people—the people who support the sponsor and the team. These people can be helpful or destructive, and that makes this area hard to mitigate. It’s imperative that the organization work to improve their skills if a software product is to succeed. “The Good Place” is broken down into 10 principles and 50 skills that will help an organization improve the software workplace.  Premium Members can download this report from the https://www.standishgroup.com/premiumReport


Not a premium member? To study this report, join our premium membership: https://standishgroup.myshopify.com/


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The Elephant and the 1,000 Mice

Apr 12, 2021

Infinite Flow uses the elephant and the mice together to form a more perfect union and to allow continuous innovation at the business operations level.

CHAOS Tuesday News

Change Dynamics

Oct 16, 2021

Wisdom Wednesday #2 and CHAOS Tuesday Show #123 is on Change Dynamics. In this show we explore why digital transformation projects are challenged and slow to materialize. You will learn the contrast between the need for change and the effectiveness of change that is taking place. The difference between the traditional decision making and decisions during digital transformation projects.  The culture change needed for digital transformation projects. Our guest and speaker is Dion Kotteman.  Dion Kotteman is a former CIO, a current author, and consultant. Joining us on our panel is  Hans Mulder, our director of European Research, Allan Salek, Program Leader: Complex, High-Risk or Troubled Transformations. Joining us on our panel is Hans Mulder, our director of European Research, Jim Crear, our CIO, and Allan Salek, Program Leader: Complex, High-Risk or Troubled Transformations. 

Takeaways for digital transformation are:

  • ·Contrast of Change
  •  Decisions of Change
  •  Culture of Change
  •  Importance of Change
  •  Risk of Change

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