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Custom Emotional Maturity Test Kit

Custom Emotional Maturity Test Kit


Product Information

Starting a new large project?  Do you know your team’s emotional maturity?  Our Custom Emotional Maturity Test Kit is designed to assess your project team’s emotional maturity as a group and implement improvements.  The project emotional maturity semi-self-testing kit includes all things needed to create and execute three one-hour workshops with up to 10 people. A Standish Advisor moderates the first one-hour workshop.  The Standish Advisor will then customize your next two one-hour workshops by creating a special kit just for you. The kit includes a detailed instruction manual with suggested meeting formats such as agendas, meeting tips, exercises, and questions.

Your emotional maturity test kit includes:

1.   Moderated emotional maturity appraisal

2.   Emotional maturity research report (10 copies)

3.   The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet (10 books)

4.   10 CHAOS University T-shirts

5.   10 Certificates of Achievement

6.   3 Workshop Rule Posters

7.   Theater masks of Miss Scarlett characters

8.   Facilitator’s Guide with personal instructions