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Executive Doodle Book - Package of 10

Executive Doodle Book - Package of 10


Product Information

Great as a team give away! The book is designed for you to take to meetings on the subject of the project sponsor or really any meeting or subject. When the meeting gets boring, you can take out your doodle book look smart and doodle away letting your doodle images stimulate your mind.  Great as a team give away!

10 Doodle Books

10 Questions to project sponsors

3 types of sponsors 

The suggested questions and answers in this book are to help you understand the skill level of a potential project sponsor. The questions focus on the ten most important traits of a good sponsor based on extensive research by The Standish Group over a 25-year span. The book is designed to encourage you to take notes on the project sponsor subject or any subject. The book is also designed for you to doodle to let your imagination flow.