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Emotional Maturity Test Kit

Emotional Maturity Test Kit


Product Information

Do you know your team’s emotional maturity?  Our standard Emotional Maturity Test Kit is designed to assess your project team’s emotional maturity as a group and implement improvements.  The project emotional maturity self-testing kit includes all things needed to create and execute three one-hour workshops with up to 10 people. The kit includes a detailed instruction manual with suggested meeting formats such as agendas, meeting tips, exercises, and questions.

Your emotional maturity test kit includes:

1.   Moderated emotional maturity appraisal

2.   Emotional maturity research report (10 copies)

3.   The Public Execution of Miss Scarlet (10 books)

4.   10 CHAOS University T-shirts

5.   10 Certificates of Achievement

6.   3 Workshop Rule Posters

7.   Theater masks of Miss Scarlett characters

8.   Facilitator’s Guide with personal instructions