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Membership Special: Good Sponsor Course

 Membership Special: Good Sponsor Course


Product Information

The latest CHAOS2020 report shows the best way to increase project performance and prevent project failures is to have a skilled project sponsor. Good Sponsor Crash Course Membership Special includes the Good Sponsor crash course, CHAOS2020: Beyond Infinity Report and many other membership services. Good Sponsor Crash Course: is designed to rapidly improve the skills of the project sponsor. This is a workout optimized to present the most important material in the shortest amount of time. The workout is accomplished in 12-lessons at your pace.  

The CHAOS2020 report reduces the factors of success to only 3. The number one being a skilled project sponsor. The CHAOS2020 is a 100-page report features our new concept of a success ladder. CHAOS 2020 Beyond Infinity: is broken down into 10 sections: Section 1: Factors of Success; Section 2: Classic CHAOS charts; Section 3: Type and Styles of Projects; Section 4: The Good Sponsor; Section 5: The Good Team; Section 6: The Good Place; Section 7: The CHAOS Database; Section 8: New Resolution Database Benchmark;  Section 9: The Dutch Connection and Section 10: Myths and Illusions.  Membership includes:

  • CHAOS2020: Beyond Infinity
  • Wide Range of Research Reports
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Success Ladder Benchmark
  • Simple Dezider
  • Optimix for Portfolio of Projects
  • EZ-Optimix for Single Project