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CHAOS Reports and Premium Membership

CHAOS Reports and Premium Membership


Product Information

Note: Included in this product is Annual Premium Membership. The future CHAOS Report 2020 and many other and services. We are currently working on the next update. This update will reduce the factors of success to only 3. The new CHAOS update will also feature our new concept of a success ladder.  Our plan is to release early drafts segments of the CHAOS Report over the next six months with a formal publication in January of 2020. The new membership:

  • Current CHAOS Reports (2016 to 2020)
  • Selected Special Research Reports
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Success Ladder Benchmark
  • Simple Dezider
  • Optimix for Portfolio of Projects
  • EZ-Optimix for Single Project (unlimited features)
  • Drafts of Work in Process Research

The CHAOS Report: Decision Latency Theory: It’s All About the Interval only availble in PDF for this membership. This CHAOS Report 2018 presents the root cause of software project performance. The reports also includes classic CHAOS data in different forms with many charts. Most of the charts come from the CHAOS database of over 50,000 in-depth project profiles from the fiscal years 2013 to 2017. A highlight of this report is our analysis and thought leadership what makes a project succeed with the winning hand and what makes a losing hand.  There are four main section is this 68 page book:

  • 1.     Decision Latency Theory
  • 2.     Winning Hand
  • 3.     Classic CHAOS
  • 4.     Factors of Success
  • 5.     Skills of the Factors of Success

Project Environment Benchmark is self-service benchmark with have five basic concepts: 1) it is done online; 2) questions are closed end multiple choice; 3) it can be done quickly; 4) it can be done as an individual with no need for consultants; and 5) it is inexpensive.  On completion of each benchmark you will receive a formal report. The report contains your score against our standard, your comparisons to other organizations/individuals, and three suggestions on how to improve your score and benchmark.

Benchmarking your project environment provides insight into how well each aspect of your project environment is performing, allowing you to discover what areas need improvements while helping you to develop a plan towards achieving those improvements. Benchmarking is used as a tool to help your business evaluate opportunities for improvement, such as: 

  • •               identifying and prioritizing specific areas of improvement
  • •               understanding your project needs better
  • •               Compare yourself to other organizations
  • •               identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • •               setting goals and performance expectations
  • •               monitoring your performance and effectively managing change 
  • •               understanding your project environment