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The Good Sponsor Guide, Appraisal and Video

The Good Sponsor Guide, Appraisal and Video


Product Information

The Good Sponsor Book Package 


This product includes a copy of The Good Sponsor guide, overview video, and online appraisal. The 240-page book offers in-depth information about the 10 principles and the 50 skills Standish has outlined for being a good project sponsor, product owner or champion.  The video is a quick overview of the book and online appraisal. The appraisal is a self-administered assessment—completely online, and private—that will help you measure your skills and abilities against the Standish yardstick. Once completed, the appraisal system will generate a score and provide a 5-page benchmark report for you against other project sponsors. The benefits of The Sponsor Book Package are: 

  • Book: Hard copy guide and reference 
  • Video: Quick overview and refresher
  • Assessment: Scores by Principle
  • Benchmark: by Principle 
  • Three suggestions for maximizing your score improvement

Concrete advice on skills improvement and identification of resources for doing so!