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Good Sponsor Influencer Course

Good Sponsor Influencer Course


Product Information

Good Sponsor Influencer Course: This course is specifically design for project managers, business analysts, Scrum masters/owners and other software executives to influence project sponsors.  The course is accomplished in 4-steps. 

  • Step 1: Watch the Good Sponsor Influence video;
  • Step 2: Read the 240-page book 
  • Step 3: Complete on-line the organizational appraisal; 
  • Step 4: Discuss the results of the appraisal report with your mentor. 

The idea of the course is to help you measure your organizational skills and abilities against the Standish yardstick. Once completed, the appraisal system will generate a score, and provide a 5-page benchmark report for you against other organizations. The course will help you understand the principles and skills of a good sponsor to advise them on their role. Each step will take about an hour, 10-hour observation period and a ten-minute conversation with your mentor, except for step 4 which the mentor discussion will be 30-minutes. The benefits of the Good Sponsor Influencer Courseare:

  • Understanding the principles and skills of a good sponsor
  • How to influence the project sponsor
  • Three suggestions for maximize sponsor improvement
  • How to sell the sponsor on their own course

The course will take a minimum of 1 hour per day over 4 days (estimated 5 hours).